Matoombo is one of the Ten Terrors. He began his rampage on the surface world by collecting all the electricty in the area. However, he confused the Rangers when he said, “Don’t interfere and no one will be harmed.” After he disappeared the Rangers split up to look for him. The first one to find him was Vida who watched him save a boy. He was chosen to combine with the master so that the master could rise up. Vida talked with him about how he saved the boy and if he destroyed the world everyone would be killed. Xander arrived to fight him, but Vida stopped both of them from fighting and tried again to convice him. Matoombo turned good and stopped his attack. Vida grabbed Jenji and took him on Solar Streak when Gekkor attacked him. Vida protected Matoombo against Gekkor while they looked for the Lake of Lament so that Matoombo could sleep and prevent the Master from controling his body. Itassis sent Xander, the least likely person, to help Vida. They first fight Gekkor then while Matoombo is sent to the Lake of Lament, Xander and Vida trick Gekkor. Matoombo made it to the lake but was combined with the master by Sculpin before he could escape. After the Master was destroyed, Matoombo got his body back and became a DJ along with Vida working with her at the Rock Porium.

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